Dalvey Cup Club

A Toast

To Absent Friends

Est. 1990

Est. 1990

The Dalvey Cup Club Toast

We’re connecting all Dalvey Cup Club holders, wherever you are across the world! Founder of the Dalvey Cup Club, John Camilleri, explains:

“On Christmas Day at 3pm we make a toast to ‘ABSENT FRIENDS’ & until now, only I could see photos of our members with their Dalvey Cup that were sent to me.


Now, with the help of this website, you’ll be able to enjoy the special moments shared by our members too.


Discover stories, photos & videos in celebration of those that we’ve lost… who’ll never be forgotten.


Let’s keep in touch, celebrate the good times, raise funds (& your cup!), donate to great causes, socialise (virtually or at events post COVID) & look forward to receiving exclusive offers from our affiliates.” 


John Camilleri

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In Celebration

Where did this journey begin? With the man who conceived the rules of & founded the Dalvey Cup Club, Mr John Camilleri.

John, this is for you.


“My name is John Camilleri & in 1990 I built & opened a pub/restaurant by the name of Samuel Platt’s on Salford Quays.

My Best friend Pete Bills presented me with the first Dalvey Cup. I absolutely loved it.

That’s how it all began. Whenever any of my friends celebrated a special birthday or event, instead of buying them a bottle of Champagne I would buy them a Dalvey Cup. Everyone thought it was very special.

In 2006 sadly, Chris McGuirk, a young 21yr old rugby player at my local rugby club De La Salle in Salford, injured himself in a tackle resulting in him being diagnosed as a Quadriplegic.

John Camilleri - founder of the Dalvey Cup Club

I formed a committee & helped raise £250,000 over twelve months & I project managed the build of his new home. When the house was nearly finished, Chris asked me what he could buy all of the people who had helped him over the past couple of years since his accident. My reply was to buy them a Dalvey Cup, & so the Dalvey Cup Club started to really grow.

Having given it some thought, I decided to number each Cup & created the rules of the Dalvey Cup Club.

Now we have over 300 members & growing. I feel that now is the time to take it to the next level & create a website for our Members to enjoy being part of the Dalvey Cup Club community.

John W.D. Camilleri

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Dalvey Cup Club members toast to absent friends